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Rage Web Design Ltd t/a it'seeze Ashford Now a Google Partner.  
Google Ads have certainly earned their place as one of the most effective ways to advertise a business online. With Google Ads, it’s possible to reach the top spot of search engines and boost your website’s visibility, all without breaking the bank. That is why it’s something that our clients often turn to us for. 
Why do clients ask us for Google Ads? 
Even successful and established websites must advertise, particularly those in competitive industries. Your website must get the exposure it deserves on a search engine, and well-executed Google Ads can give you a much-needed boost. 
The top of Google’s search results tends to consist of three or four ads and then a map. This means that the top of Google isn’t actually a list of the top organic results, it’s a list of businesses making the most of advertising. Even if you spend time and effort on SEO, your website won’t appear above paid advertisements without Google Ads. 
As a certified Google Partner, we have provided consistent traffic growth for our clients using Google Ads. In fact, we have maintained an optimisation score of at least 70%, and know how to set up clients' accounts to perform well for a tangible ROI. We understand the importance of SEO, but we also know that users gravitate towards the top three or four results, a spot that SEO alone will fail to achieve. Google Ads helps you to claim the top spot and boost your website’s visibility. 
Taking Google compliance seriously 
Google is hot on the heels of compliance, and we are only too happy to oblige. Adding conversions and analytics for ad tracking purposes has never been easier, and we can simply add Google Tag Manager to our system. This enables us to track what users are doing on your website - for example, if they have shown interest in a product or service, or have added it to their basket - which shows us which ads are driving the most valuable conversions. With this information, you can use your budget most effectively, boosting your ROI. 
Our privacy and compliance policies align with Google’s requirements, so you can relax, safe in the knowledge that Google won’t refuse to deliver ads to one of our systems. This isn’t always the case, as picking the wrong website supplier could leave you unable to advertise in the future. Choosing It'seeze Ashford means not having to worry about that. 
Perfecting ads with flexibility and landing pages 
Our websites have a lot of flexibility, with fast editing built into their content management systems. This is beneficial as, by matching your messages with your ads, you can keep your spending low and your conversions high. We match the information displayed on Google to the audience visiting your website, increasing the chance of them engaging and converting. This is also the case with landing pages, which can be designed by our team to ensure they convert as effectively as possible. 
Nick Templeton Web Designer
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This article is brought to you from the desk of Nick Templeton, consultant, user and manger of multiple Google Ads accounts for many years - here at it'seeze Web Design Ashford.  
If you’re looking for a professionally designed, modern, and effective website that really will work wonders for your business, get in touch with it’seeze Ashford today to find out how our affordable web design services could help you succeed online. 
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