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The super simple way to sell online.  
One of the main lessons the global health crisis has taught us, is how reliant we now are on the internet in the modern era. From family get-togethers on Zoom to morning workout videos with Joe Wicks, we are more dependent on the digital world than ever before. It has also shown how important it is for businesses to have an online presence and ecommerce shop.  
During lockdown conditions, when physical shops are closed or, at best, limited, having the 
ability to sell online has given many businesses a valuable lifeline. For the duration of this 
crisis, selling online can provide valuable income and keep the wheels turning until normal 
conditions return. 
Unlocking the potential of Ecommerce 
However, an ecommerce site is not just useful in these times of lockdown and social distancing. The COVID-19 pandemic may have highlighted its importance for some, but even in less uncertain times, it can be equally as important. As more and more businesses realise the power and potential of an online shop, there is a rush to develop capability. Which is where we come in at it’seeze Web Design Ashford. 
Our ecommerce web-shops have never been easier to purchase. Not surprisingly, we’ve seen a big surge in interest since the lockdown began, but it’s a demand we are more than capable of meeting. Our prices start at £600 + VAT and £55 + VAT a month for us to design your online shop and then handle the configuration. 
You will be able to retain full control of your site and the content that goes up there. You can make edits to products and add or remove items, all at the click of a few buttons. But you will be able to expand your business with a simple and easy-to-use ecommerce platform. We’ll be there with you to offer support every step of the way. 
We need a few things from you in order to get your shop up and running. You need to provide us with a spreadsheet of your stock list, which includes the item names, numbers, descriptions, and prices. You also need to include information about variants, such as product sizes or weights, as well as other options such as colour choices or finishes. 
You need to give us your delivery options and rules, including charges, which couriers you intend to use, and how you will process payments and returns. Once we have all the necessary information, we can begin to build your site according to your specifications and in keeping with your existing website. It really is as simple as that. You probably have most of this information already; it may take some slight format tweaking and that’s it. You get a brand new web-shop for just a few minutes of your time. 
Why choose us? 
As well as our prices being very reasonable and our service first class, there are some general reasons why going for a professional approach is always the best option. Yes, there are web design platforms that have ecommerce plug-in options for creating simple online shops. And these options are generally very cheap. However, if you have never designed a web-shop before, you might find it more difficult than you imagine. 
The science and psychology behind the web-shop are very precise. And if you don’t get it right then you can lose sales quickly and regularly. You need to ensure that your checkout area is designed with ease of use in mind, and that there can be no glitches with payment. Even though more and more people now buy online, they always need to feel safe and secure to make a purchase. Which is why opting for a professionally designed ecommerce website might be a better option than using an ecommerce website builder. 
Even having one too many stages in your checkout can be off-putting, so you need to streamline the process and make it as simple as possible. You also need to make sure your checkout has all the necessary security measures to protect your customers. It’s a key way to boost sales as well as reduce the potential for fraud — as well as offering you and your site protection against outside interference. 
There is also the issue of time. While it is possible to make a functional web-shop using one of the ecommerce platform sites, that is going to take time. That’s time both to build it and test it, then iron out any issues. Go with our professional web design services and you can have your shop up and running quickly, without any fuss or delay. You would also have all the time back to concentrate on other areas of your business. 
What kind of business can benefit from an online shop? 
Before the crisis, there were plenty of businesses who assumed that online selling was simply not an option. But many have reconsidered or been excited by the presence of a market they had previously overlooked. In fact, many of these businesses have now come to rely on ecommerce to get them through these difficult times. 
Businesses such as farm shops selling local fresh produce, garden centres, and DIY stores - who all previously relied on instore trade - have branched out. All types of manufacturers have realised the potential of supplying clients directly, without the need for agents or a physical retail presence. 
Our services can help all types of businesses to realise their direct selling potential. If you would like to know more about our ecommerce website design services in Kent, then get in touch with our team. We are ready and waiting to get started on your project, and will work closely with you to establish what kind of shop would work best for your business. 
Our professional designers will be able to create a shop that matches your brand and tone of voice. We can include all the technical selling elements to keep customers in your sales funnel and help you to open up new revenue streams. We look forward to hearing from you. 
Nick Templeton Web Designer
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This article is brought to you from the desk of Nick Templeton, consultant for it'seeze Web Design Ashford.  
Nick has been working in the website industry for over 15 years. If you want to further your businesses online website sales potential, feel free to contact us for more information. 
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