“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell.” 
– Seth Godin (@ThisIsSethsBlog) 
Now more than ever, the capacity to draw in, engage, and encourage visitors to visit your website is essential. With people being restricted to mainly online interactions, there are very few outlets to help your business to network and meet with potential customers. So, if you are looking for an innovative method to set you above the competition, custom videos are a great option that supply many advantages to your website and your business. 
Below are the top 10 advantages of including custom-made, bespoke video content on your website. 
1. Get Your Message Across Quickly 
Unless your website visitors have crazy speed-reading skills, it is a safe bet that they absorb the info they see rather than read at a far quicker rate. Because of this, a bespoke video is a terrific way to get your message across in a format visitors will rapidly and conveniently absorb. We're not suggesting video can completely replace written web content; however, it is an excellent complement to your copy and also will enhance your message on the whole. 
2. Bespoke Videography Makes Your Website Visitors Feel More Involved 
Customised video is a great way to bring visitors to your site through boosted search engine positions, allowing them to focus on your message via multiple methods (visually, aurally, etc.) as well as get them to spend even more time on your site. This means they are investing more time in considering what you offer, your products or services and picking up on any call to action you have distributed across your website. A custom-made video clip offers an added value over most other forms of marketing material. As a rule, people discover and keep in mind info better if they are actively engaged. Custom videography accomplishes this objective perfectly. 
3. Drive Search Engine Traffic To Your Website 
Online search engines LOVE brand-new material, whether it is a fresh blog post, a brand new article, a press release, or a custom-made video clip. Every single time you add web content, search engine positions will see an uptick. So, why not go the extra mile and make that fresh material a custom video? You can also multiply the online search engine bump by using targeted search phrases in the video clip title, tags and summary. Don't just upload the video to your website, create a channel on YouTube - did we mention that Google owns YouTube?! Plus, you can optimize SEO by sharing the video clip via your social media platforms. 
4. Be Entertaining 
Don't feel as though you need to restrict your video to just being informative, it can also so be entertaining! In fact, unless the video clip is of a highly technological or lawful nature, you really should make an effort to have a video that is enjoyable as well as interesting. You can guarantee that audiences will certainly remember it, share it and also maybe even make it go viral. 
5. Give Your Firm Personality 
You can claim to be a company who moves with the times and is dedicated to fixing its customers' issues and meeting their requirements with some still shots of your team hard at work. But there is a better way - using bespoke videography to drive the message, introduce your team and allow potential clients to see their personality can provide your business with character, more so than some staged, still shots of your team. 
6. Strengthen The Bond With Your Site Visitors 
Individuals like to purchase from people they know, or at a minimum from people they feel they recognise. 
7. Increase Your Reach 
Equally, as you can raise your reach by integrating your blog with social media networks, you can do the exact same with custom video clips. Do this by sharing your video with your own personal social networks at the same time as enabling site visitors to do the same with theirs. Social media can optimize your reach and having a strong call to action will ensure visitors, both new and returning, follow your lead. 
8. Stand Out From Your Competitors 
Custom, bespoke video is an excellent method to differentiate your own business from your competition. The simple truth is that very few firms have the vision, the creative thinking, or the stomach to put a living, breathing representation of their firm as well as product/service on their website. Those that do will certainly have a major benefit over the competition. Whether your market is the public in general or extremely specialised, creating and sharing custom-made, bespoke video on your site will certainly make you stand out. 
9. Encourage New Viewers To Your Website, And They Will Return Again 
Getting a new and unique visitor to your website is like gold dust! Getting individuals to routinely visit your site is the endgame, and videography is the thing that will get them returning time and time again. If someone is going to make the effort to regularly check in with your content it needs to be appealing and what can be more appealing than unique, bespoke custom-made video content? 
10. Keep It Short And Sharp 
As opposed to one long video, break it up into small bite-size sections. People generally cope with and interact immediately with short sharp sound bites, rather than something they think they may need to pop the kettle on and open a packet of biccies before they sit down to watch it - so keep it short, succinct, and straight to the point, and you will see a difference in your engagement. 
Finally, consider your goals when you set up your business website; no doubt they were to drive potential clients and customers to the site, showcase what you can do for them and how you can add value to their own organisations. Bespoke, custom-made video ticks all the boxes. 
To find out how our bespoke videography can help your organisation and complement your professionally designed website, contact us on 01233 800257 or request a Zoom meeting and we can get to work bringing your business into the world of custom-made video content. 
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