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Trust is a big issue when it comes to buying online.  
There are many subtle and not-so-subtle signs customers look for in a website when deciding whether or not it is a worthy business to buy from. Utilising independent review sites is just one tool in your marketing box, but how do you get the ball rolling? 
What do reviews really say about your business? 
Let’s look beyond the actual words that people use and consider for a moment the other messages that a customer review sends: 
They’ve taken the time and made the effort to leave a review – something that speaks volumes to potential customers. 
Independent review sites, such as Trustpilot and Feefo, are perhaps more trustworthy than reviews cherrypicked for pride of place on a website. 
The majority are helpful, answering questions about a brand, its products, or services. 
There are also some encouraging statistics for using independent reviews for generating more enquiries and sales, and making your site more visible. For example, 84% of consumers trust online reviews as personal recommendations, the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth. 90% of consumers also claim to make a point of reading a business’s online reviews, meaning that if you have a strong review base from customers, you’ll stand out over your competitors. 
When everyone is talking about you… 
… and they are saying good stuff, it means that there is a steady stream of new content being posted online about you. And for your rankings and findability online, this is a good thing. Of course, there is also the possibility that customers may not be saying great things, but there are ways and means of handling negative feedback online. 
Generally speaking, however, there are many benefits of being part of online review sites: 
#1 Establish credibility 
For the small business or the independent retailer, competing against established, big name brands is tough. But with a growing fan base willing to share their experience online about you, website enquiries will build. 
#2 Rich snippets 
You will have seen rich snippets, the extra bit of text that appears under the heading of search results in Google. This extra piece of information makes your website more visible, a clear sign to a customer to take a closer look. 
#3 Improve SEO 
It’s a constant battle to push your website above those of your competitors. Reviews help with SEO – perfect for when you want your product or services to pop up at the start of the Google shopping results. With a row of five golden stars from your customers, Google takes the hint and understands that people value your products. 
#4 Readymade marketing material 
Customer reviews give you all kinds of material you can use in marketing. From taking quotes from product reviews to collating information to give valuable statistics for promotional material, knowing what your customers think about you is invaluable. 
#5 Improve what you do 
As a listening tool, reviews are dynamite, and even more so when you respond to what customers are saying. If someone, for example, posts an idea to improve your service or product, you have ideas to drive your business forward. Listening and responding to reviews sends strong signals to current and new customers, catapulting your brand to the top of the pile. 
Getting started with online reviews 
Aside from encouraging customers to leave a review, you need to direct them to an independent review site. 
There are various options: 
Google My Business – by setting up Google My Business, you retain control of what people can learn about you via this platform. As well as adding updates regarding your business on a weekly basis, you can add photos of your business premises, products etc. It is also a valuable online review tool in which customers can leave comments and rate their experience using 1 to 5 stars. 
Facebook reviews – as a social media platform, there are many pros for a business to utilise this and one is the power of Facebook reviews for drawing in people to your website to make an enquiry. If your customers are on the platform, it takes mere minutes for them to leave a review, contributing to making your business more visible. 
Independent review sitesTrustpilot, Reviews, Feefo, and Trustspot are well-known review sites that you can join to encourage customers to leave reviews. Take a look at each platform to see what suits your business, but opt for one rather than all four as too many can become problematic to manage.  
These platforms can often be connected to your website too, with the latest reviews swirling in front of potential customers for them to read. Our max package has many review widgets available to help you achieve this and don't forget to ensure that they are visible for those visiting your website on a mobile.  
Ready to start enjoying more website enquiries? Contact the team at itseeze Web Design Ashford today to find out how to dovetail online reviews with your website and let your existing customers help you convert new ones. 
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