Sourcing website imagery
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Almost all web design professionals emphasise the need for high quality visuals and images on a site to help engage the visitor. However, you can’t just use any old image. They need to be high quality and relevant. 
Work to a brief 
Try and come up with an image strategy before sourcing your images. If you have an idea of what kind of subject matter, tone and colour palette you want, you will be able to better find images that fit your idea. Work with your web designer and graphic designer to establish a brief and then source or commission images that meet these guidelines. Having a visible image policy helps your site to be more consistent and visually engaging. 
Using stock imagery 
Stock imagery is a collection of staged images that are available to use on your website. It is used when there is no bespoke alternative - photographers everywhere are gradually filling libraries of images for everyone to use. Library examples can be found online with sites such 
as iStock, Getty Images and Unsplash leading the way. 
Using original imagery 
If possible, it is always best to try and use original visual content on your site. Hire a local website photographer and plan with them what kind of images you would like to feature on your site. Images can be subject related and still maintain a stock quality. But the further you can go from the generic ‘smiling faces’ stock imagery the better. Of course, hiring a professional costs money but it will be worth the investment. If you are really trying to keep costs down, then try and find young and up-and-coming photographers looking to build a portfolio. You may be able to do a deal that is mutually beneficial. Even better you may want to consider a video too! 
Situational imagery 
If you do use stock imagery, pick good quality images and try and keep them on point rather than choosing overly generic situations. Keep the quality high. Whether you are using stock or commissioned images, the most important thing is to keep the quality high. If you are using it'seeze Web Design Ashford for your website you will be guided as all our website packages come with an allowance of stock photography for our clients. 
Once satisfied with your images, work with your designer again to find the best placement that draws the eye and captivates the reader. At the same time, try and avoid having images interfering with the purpose of your written content. 
Nick Templeton Web Designer
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This article is brought to you from the desk of Nick Templeton, consultant for it'seeze Web Design Ashford.  
Nick has been working in the website industry for over 15 years. Nick has connections with local photographers in the Kent area so feel free to contact us for more information about commissioned photography, which will make an excellent addition to your website. 
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