There are a lot of competition websites out there, and many businesses think it’s simply a case of shouting about generic cash, xboxes, ipads and holidays as prizes to make them work. However, this is unlikely to get you noticed in the crowded competition space - but competition websites can be your secret weapon when it comes to monetising an existing audience. 
Is it really worth trying to run a competition website? 
Running a competition website requires a large investment (not just in terms of prizes) but also time to build a following, both on social media and in terms of engaging repeat entrants who will consistently participate and buy from you. There are some very hard working competitors already out there that have succeeded in capturing a relaible audience for your average competition site. To put it simply, giving out cash, cars, xboxes, ipads and holidays just isn’t a business model that’s guaranteed to work anymore. 
'But, that doesn’t mean that running a competition is out of the question; it’s just a case of knowing how to stand out in a competitive market, and this is where competition websites come into their own especially if you are already a businesses owner and ideally a seller of high ticket items.' 
Competition websites are the sales channel we should be talking about 
As a business, you can use a competition website to monetise your social media audience, build credibility and market your existing products by offering them as enticing prizes. This strategic move not only engages your existing followers but also attracts a broader audience, eager to participate for a chance to win. High-value prizes - such as, for example, a top-of-the-range camper van offered by a luxury camper company are a great reason to start a competition website, as the website becomes a dynamic new sales channel. 
The use of high-value prizes creates a buzz, helping to captivate and engage your audience, which boosts traffic and user engagement. Everyone floods to the website hoping for a chance to win, immediately seeing what your business can do for them. 
The competition website becomes a cost-effective marketing tool that encourages promotion, with people sharing and promoting the competition across their networks with friends and family, encouraging them to head over and enter - further amplifying your reach. This can lead to increased brand awareness, including amongst potential customers and new markets. Plus, the interactive nature of a competition enhances the customer experience, which encourages repeat interactions going forward. Your competition website not only helps to boost sales but also strengthens your brand’s reputation and increases your customer base. 
Boost revenue with a competition website 
If you’re an existing business, a charity with an established social media following, or a new business that knows where its target market spends time online, competition websites can be a fantastic way to boost revenue. On average, 34% of new customers are acquired through contests. For example, if you are a jewellery retailer, you could run a competition giving away a watch, marketing to your loyal followers at a relatively low cost. Not only does this encourage social media engagement and website traffic, but it also reminds followers of who you are and what you do. 
Finding a prize that helps your competition to stand out 
You need to give people a reason to enter your competition specifically. Usually, it’s best to avoid the heavily saturated market of generic prize competitions. This includes those offering smartphones, cash or holidays as prizes. In fact, 20% of prizes fall into the ‘travel’ category and being in with a chance of winning a holiday isn’t always enough to convince someone to enter. If you are considering these types of prizes, it can be beneficial to support a charity, giving people a reason to enter beyond simply winning a prize. 
A lot of competitors already have numerous, well-established competitions with strong, loyal followings. This is why it’s effective to offer your own valuable products and services as prizes. This helps you to stand out by offering something different, whilst also marketing what you have to offer. Offering high-value prizes is a strategic move that not only engages your existing custome but also attracts a broader audience, eager to participate for a chance to win. 
Running a competition requires you to have a reliable, engaging and high-quality website that you can monetise and use as a sales channel to secure your slice of the lucrative competition pie. If you’re looking to have a competition or raffle website built, you’ve come to the right place. At it’seeze Ashford, we build bespoke websites to meet your requirements and tick every box for your business. Get in touch to find out more. 
Looking to run a raffle or competition online? it’seeze Web Design Ashford is a Kent-based website design company that delivers professional web design to your specifications. Call us today to create a competition website and extend your sales via your existing business through competitions. 
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This article is brought to you from the desk of Nick Templeton, consultant for it'seeze Ashford, Kent.  
Nick is keen to see our clients with competition websites succeed! If you want to find out more about our web design services, feel free to contact us for more information. 
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